Dell Internet of Things video series

Offering a variety of services that bring businesses into the connected world of the Internet of Things, Dell tasked us to create the following videos that showcased their capabilities. 

Design/Illustration/Storyboard: Felipe Villela
Art director: Cam Todd
Animation: Erik Pontius

Making the Internet of Things Real

Through a brief example of how the Internet of Things can affect different industries in a variety of ways on a daily basis, this video also gives viewers a chance to see how Dell creates and manages this network of devices. 

Optimize IoT Analytics
with an Edge Gateway

Geared toward potential clients, this video shows how Dell's IOT Edge Gateway secures, manages and analyzes the data gathered in an IOT ecosystem. 

Drive Better Internet of Things Insights
with Edge & Core Analytics

Providing more in-depth information about Edge and analytics, this video uses industry examples to explain the value of performing analytics where data is gathered — and combining those findings with core analytics to unlock the complete power of the IOT.