Dell OEM videos

For this project, I worked with a writer and an animator to create these videos for our Dell OEM clients. The challenge was to tell the story of what OEM is and how Dell OEM Solutions fit into that larger picture. Dell OEM solutions are the computers and software packages that are often found inside of machinery in various industries. In simple terms, they are the brains behind the scenes that make the machines run. 

While they serve a variety of industries, the client asked us to focus on industrial automation and healthcare. In this instance, the writer wrote a draft of the copy and I created the initial storyboards based on the writers script. Once approved by the client we went into production and I provided art direction to the motion graphics animator. He and I worked together to accommodate client requests and tell the story they wanted told.  

They each won an Excellence Award in the Marketing (Service) catergory of the Videographer Awards for 2014. Each was also awarded a silver Davey Award

Industrial Automation