Dell OEM videos

Dell OEM solutions are the computers and software packages that are often found inside of the automated machinery used in various industries. In simple terms, they are the brains behind the scenes that make the machines run. The Dell OEM team approached us with a request to create videos that might easily explain what they do and how they do it. While they serve a variety of industries, the client asked us to focus on industrial automation and healthcare. 

The challenge was to simplify and tell the story of what OEM is and how Dell OEM Solutions can benefit their clients. I worked with a writer and animator to determine the best way to tell this story while still staying within the Dell brand. The writer provided the copy that needed to appear on screen but how the story was told was up to me. This meant not only proposing a visual style but also the different scenarios that would appear in each video.

I started by providing two visual options to the client. One option was centered around the use of text overlays on video clips. Unfortunately budget limitations stood in the way of an actual video shoot. This meant any and all footage would have to come from stock sites which proved to very limiting in what we could accomplish.

The direction I recommended due to flexibility was a video created entirely with motion graphics. This gave us the opportunity to create the environments we needed and wanted. And had the added benefit of allowing us work in a style that fit within the Dell brand standards.  

I researched a variety of motion graphics videos to get a better idea of the possibilities and limitations of the medium. Once the storyboards were approved by the client we went into production and I provided art direction to the motion graphics animator. He and I worked together to accommodate client requests to help more clearly tell the story they wanted told.

They each won an Excellence Award in the Marketing (Service) catergory of the Videographer Awards for 2014. Each was also awarded a silver Davey Award

Industrial Automation